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4 Reasons To Choose Inflatable Pontoon Boats

If you’re considering a fly fishing excursion, and you need a boat, you’ll find that inflatable pontoon boats are an outstanding choice. Why, you could ask, would I want to make use of one of those ugly, party boats for my next fly fishing trip? It is a good question. The majority of people envision a huge fiesta watercraft if they think of pontoons; The kind that clogs up lakes and spooks each and every fish within miles of it.

We’re not referring to these common sort of fish repellent boats. We’re discussing inflatable pontoon boats that are developed especially for our type of fishing. We are discussing a personal watercraft that’s quite small, not more than eight feet long, and will seat from 1-4 individuals. These watercraft come built with flotation devices (pontoons) that straddle the boat and are either inflatable or have solid air bladders. The hull is V shaped to virtually eliminate water resistance whenever paddling, supplying the angler with superb maneuverability. The two pontoons are attached by a frame, which provides the sitting room. When moving these are paddled much like a rowboat.

Okay, Now we arrive at the heart of the topic. Why would you wish to buy one or more of those inflatable pontoon boats?

Here are 4 good reasons:

Inflatable Pontoon Boats Reason #1: Portability:

Clearly one can launch inflatable pontoon boats in various kinds of water, but fortunately they are portable enough to be manually hauled to your required places. Several larger designs will not be as maneuverable as their more compact alternatives. Nonetheless, even the largest design should not call for a trailer. The 1 man version could normally be collapsed down into a large backpack. These kinds of watercraft differ in weight from something similar to twenty up to 40 pounds.

Inflatable Pontoon Boats Reason #2: Durability:

Inflatable pontoon boats are extremely rugged and have been designed particularly to meet the hazards of fly fishing on rough rivers. Rigid metal frame design makes these inflatable pontoon boats resistant against most hazards experienced on the water. They’re designed to endure quite a long time and could easily be repaired or patched should an issue happen. The pontoons are constructed from coated PVC and thick nylon and therefore are strong enough to be taken down mild rocky rapids. You will find some trade offs in terms of durability with these types of craft. The more durable the vessel, the more it will weigh.

Inflatable Pontoon Boats Reason #3: Maneuverability:

The V shaped hulls of inflatable pontoon boats allow for easy manueverability with even the simplest of paddling methods. Its frame causes it to be very easy for a single individual to have powerful strokes, allowing for fast turns or long paddles. This capability makes it easy to get in and out of sweet fly fishing spots.

Inflatable Pontoon Boats Reason #4: Versatility:

Though inflatable pontoon boats are mainly found on rivers and streams, they are able to function just as well on lakes or additional large bodies of water. Some inflatable pontoon boats can even work on Class 3 whitewater or Class Four in case you are an experienced paddler. In addition, several versions are specifically created to resist saltwater helping to make them ideal for fly fishing saltwater flats.


There is a never ending quest for fly fishermen to uncover new methods to improve their catch. All of us who take pleasure in the sport wish to discover fresh methods to improve our angling experience. Inflatable pontoon boats provide a great way of doing so!

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